Support for Jagriti India

Jagriti now has fourteen schools in Jaipur and three in Ajmer catering for the education needs of over four thousand underprivileged children, in 2015 this number was in the region of seven hundred. These children are getting their valuable education, school uniforms, stationery and meals with no cost to their families.

With CLF’s assistance, Jagriti is looking to expand to cater to more slum areas so that more children who are currently begging and rag picking can join these schools.

Update on Ace Africa and Jagriti India

Update: May 2021

CLF has continued to support both of these ventures since our last update and we are still proud to be part of two significant projects that are assisting children in both countries. We are currently exploring opportunities to support local projects too.

Support for Ace Africa:

In 2021 and in line with the Ace Africa’s 2019 – 2021 strategy, Ace is continuing to work towards extending the provision of the Early Childhood Development (ECD) programme for under 5’s children in four other rural schools of Arusha region in Tanzania. These four other schools lack ECD classrooms, trained ECD teachers, furniture and ECD learning materials and due to these conditions attendance by children has been very poor or non-existent.

The following activities will be conducted in 2021 in the Arusha District Council, Arusha region, Tanzania:

  • Renovation/construction of four ECD classes from four schools reaching 200 children
  • Training eight teachers in ECD teaching methodologies
  • Provision of basic ECD furniture and learning materials to four renovated ECD classes
  • Providing twenty two ECD events to eleven schools reaching five hundred and fifty children and eleven hundred parents
  • Conducting four outreach ECD awareness events reaching eight hundred community members
  • Ensure circa eight hundred preschool children from eleven schools attend ECD sessions and receive lunch every day
  • Attend local and international advocacy and learning events to promote ECD

By the end of 2021, CLF will have helped Ace Africa establish eleven ECD classes in eleven schools, train thirty-eight teachers, and enable circa eight hundred children to attend pre-school.