Ekhuruleni School update

A recent personal visit to South Africa gave our trustees Steve & John Bennett and Phil Newborough the chance to visit the school that we built with Pride ‘n Purpose in Newington Village in January 2015.

It was great to see how the school has continued to develop since it opened. A great deal of colour has been added with lovely murals and painted windows, giving a real warmth to the classrooms. Desks, chairs and books are all in place, and there were plenty of activities to keep the pre-school age children that attend engaged.

There’s always more than can be done, here Steve and Phil can be seen discussing with David from Pride ‘n Purpose his plans to install a bore hole, giving the school its own water supply.

We’re now on Virgin Money Giving

Our Virgin Money Giving page is now live. This means you can now make a donation through the Virgin Money Giving site, or you can create a fund raising event with Colourful Life as your chosen charity.

So now, if you’re planning a personal challenge, you can raise money for our projects at the same time.

For more details, visit our  Get Involved page.

Building new toilets in Arusha schools

Furthering our past support of school renovation projects in Tanzania, the Colourful Life Foundation is currently funding the building of quality toilet facilities at two primary schools in Rural Arusha District.

Research shows that improving WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) in schools improves attendance, health and cognitive development, increases girls’ participation, establishes positive hygiene behaviours and promotes the transference of better WASH skills and knowledge to the children’s families and community.

Schools in Sub-Saharan Africa often suffer from very poor WASH facilities due to a lack of financial resources and prioritisation of the issue. The two schools – Olchoruvus and Olkokola – had very poor toilet facilities before the project began. There were far too few toilets for the number of school children and the toilets were open pits without running water, resulting in an extremely unhygienic environment.

The new facilities are being built to a high-quality standard complete with running water to enable good hand washing and hygiene practices.

Now you can raise money for us when you sell on eBay

Sometimes we all find it hard to find the motivation to clear up the clutter. Maybe you’ve items that you just don’t need anymore, but never get round to selling them?

The Colourful Life Foundation is now enrolled in eBay for Charity, so it’s really easy to raise money for us when you sell your stuff.

When you list an item, you can choose to give between 10 and 100% of the final selling price to us.

Helping 900 girls attend school regularly throughout 2015

All across the world in low-income countries, the participation of girls in education is impacted by the unavailability of affordable sanitary pads.

Poverty and lack of resources greatly impact the ability of girls to obtain sanitary pads on their own. When confronted with menstrual bleeding, girls without other options will often improvise with any materials they can find, such as rags, old towels, leaves, grass and paper, all of which pose hygiene risks. Faced with this, many girls will miss school for several days each month and it can even lead to girls dropping out of school altogether.

For many years now, The Colourful Life Foundation has supported the empowerment and uninterrupted education of thousands of girls in Tanzania through the provision of sanitary pads and pants. The provision is complemented with hygiene and rights education provided by Ace Africa Child Development Officers, to ensure that the girls know how to properly use the pads and to remove any stigma related to their menstruation.

In 2015, 900 girls in the Rural Arusha area were able to attend school year round due to this programme and an additional 889 received hygiene education related to menstruation.